Welcome, Savior from Brazil.
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I'm surprised you guys are coming to TosCamp.

Most of the site is made in Korean, so it seems difficult for you to use it.

I want to support Portuguese, but I do not know anything about Portuguese.

I need to translate buttons and messages.

Help me, please.

(This message is also using Google Translator. I'm not Good at English too.  ^ㅁ^ )


Let's start with the Rank simulator.

In rank/skill simulator (or planner?) < - I want to know what it is usually called in Brazil.

Message : Rank tree  (In Korea, words such as rank tree and skill tree  are commonly used, due to the influence of StarCraft)
Message : select rank 1
Message : save rank tree with message.

button : save

 in list

button : list order by datetime
button : list order by Thumb up count
button : List category Warrior
button : List category Wizzard
button : List category Cleric
button : List category Archer

in Plan viewer

Message : link of this plan  http://~~~
Message : Writer? Planner ?

button : List
button : delete

message : View Comment
message : Leave a comment ? Write a Comment?

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알바 작성일

toscamp guide - how to join in.
it's Very simple.
You can write comment after login.

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Ockham 작성일

Hello, i'm speaking for myself but in Brazil the things that i think it is

Simulador de Rank

 Mensagem : Simulador de Rank/Skill
 Mensagem : Selecionar Rank 1
 Mensagem : Salvar a árvore de habilidades com uma mensagem (I didn't understand this but anyway...)
 Botão : Salvar


Na Lista

Botão : Listar pela ordem de Data/Hora
Botão : Listar pela ordem de Curtidas
Botão : Listar pela categoria de Warrior
Botão : Listar pela categoria de Wizard
Botão : Listar pela categoria de Archer
Botão : Listar pela categoria de Cleric

No visualizador da Build

Mensagem : Link desta build http://~~~
Mensagem : Criador

Botão : Lista
Botão : Deletar

Mensagem : Ver comentário
Mensagem :  Escreva um comentário


I think the base for a start is this and i'm not good at english too :D

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Thank you For your help !

It seems to work well today.
Good luck , Ockham !!